Complete Logistics Service

As a successful logistics company, JCTS understands the importance of delivering products on time and in good order, which is why we relate to the constantly changing demands of today’s business world. It is for that reason that we place dependability at the top of our list, as it is the most critical factor when dealing with a transportation service. We set our standards very high as we seek out the best solution and carrier to fit your logistics needs.  Plus, we will work closely with you to design a solution that makes the most sense for your particular challenges.

We take our role very seriously, as the magnitude of moving cargo is not to be taken lightly. We carefully determine your needs so that we can assure that we connect you with the right carrier at the best price.  In addition, JCTS handles partial shipments with access to intermodal freight transport, using multiple modes of transportation such as rail, ship and truck.  Intermodal transport reduces cargo handling, improves security, reduces damage and loss and makes the transportation of freight delivery much quicker.